About The Pathway Group

Why Choose Us?

At Pathway Group we offer a range of services related to employment.
For employers we offer:

  • Free Recruitment for staff, apprentices & trainees
  • Training

For jobseekers we offer:

  • Pre-employment training
  • NVQs/QCFs
  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships

We know that today’s labour market demands a skilled workforce at every level in order to compete and succeed. We also understand that sometimes it can be hard to know how to start your career, improve it or get back into work so we are here to help.

We help employers because we know that regardless of size or sector all employers require a range of services to meet their business needs; from recruiting new employees to retraining their existing workforce.

Our no cost customised staffing solutions have been designed to provide you with maximum flexibility and candidates with extensive capability.

We focus on accessing all available funding and expertise, including training and consultancy services, designed to provide you with the most comprehensive and cost effective solution in the employment industry.

We work with a wide range of employers-from multi –national organisations, to SMEs and understand that for many businesses, profit margins can be slim and recruitment has traditionally incurred a large cost.

Our service is free and our message is simple; we wish to develop a successful working relationship with you, leading to the full management of your recruitment needs.

We can offer businesses a range of quality products and services including:

  • Experienced. Professional staff as your point of contact
  • Free use of our interview facilities
  • Competent, reliable and fully-trained candidates
  • Pre-screening to match candidates to your specific requirements
  • Dedicated aftercare service, providing ongoing support for you and your employee(s)
  • Post-employment training solutions, enhancing the skills, qualifications and productivity of your workforce

We can also offer jobseekers a range of quality services including:

  • Apprenticeship & Traineeships
  • Pre-employment Training Courses
  • NVQ/QCFs

We deliver a range of government –funded Welfare to Work contracts, designed to support people into sustainable employment. These contracts allow us to offer free employment services to partner employers.

Through unique partnerships, we have successfully gained the commitment of hundreds of businesses – including major organisations such as Tesco and Asda – providing a clear route way for people into a range of vacancies.

Working together has built stronger communities, better businesses and realised the untapped potential of local jobseekers.

We may also be able to access funding for vocational training and practical support- including NVQ’s, e-courses and work based learning- enabling you to tackle the increasing skills challenges of the labour market and economy and provide your workforce with the job-related skills they need.

We possess a broad spectrum of highly- skilled executive candidates on our database, equipped with the qualifications, experience and determination to help shape the future of your business.

Applying the same levels of care, preparation and attention to detail given to everyone accessing our services, we have successfully placed candidates into a variety of senior executive and interim management positions ,with a full range of public and private sector organisations.

Our professional approach provides candidates with access to extensive capability, ensuring employers find just the right person for a critical appointment

How We Can Help

In the next decade there will be a 40% reduction in jobs requiring no skills or qualifications.

Utilising sophisticated preparation and diagnostic solutions, our experienced team work one-to-one with candidates, identifying their developmental needs and formulating personalised action plans.

We offer an innovative and diverse package of training interventions, including accredited personal advancement programmes, sports-based motivational tools and economically relevant learning-through e-courses, and in-house Learn Direct tutoring. We also deliver intensive employability skills training sessions, encompassing interview tips, CV /application form workshops and telephone techniques.

We can even provide customised training support packages to prepare candidates for their specific organisation, job role and sector.

Whether our candidates require a certificate in food hygiene, a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) or a Security Industry Authority (SIA) badge, we can source it.

We will introduce you to a dedicated Pathway Employer Engagement Officer, focussed on your specific recruitment requirements.

Undertaking a vigorous pre- and post-employment recruitment and selection process and utilising our own sophisticated job-matching technology, we will strive to provide the right people for your business, matching your criteria, with their career aspirations.

Every single one of your vacancies will be imported into our ‘client match’ vacancy software, allowing Pathway Group candidates to input specific vacancy requirements and sift the most suitable opportunities against their individual employment criteria.

As we possess a detailed understanding of every candidate, we will only put forward those applicants who possess the commitment and willingness to develop further in their chosen profession and are able to work the hours that you request.

By giving you unique access to a vast pool of confident, motivated and job-ready candidates that are best suited to your available vacancies, we will ensure high interview attendance figures and outstanding job retention rates.

Work experience placements have provided an innovative and highly successful solution – both for unemployed people looking to break into new careers and employers keen to spread the risk of recruitment or take on seasonal workers.

Through strong partnerships with a broad range of businesses, we have successfully created mutually beneficial opportunities for employer and jobseeker, facilitating a series of carefully matched work placements.

Our expert employment teams provide jobseekers with all of the information and necessary preparation to ensure that the placement is a success, whilst the employer receives a motivated individual determined to succeed – with no obligation to employ them permanently.

Typically, work placements have resulted in jobseekers returning to us with higher levels of self-confidence, job specific skills and positive experiences that can assist their search for full-time work. Employers have praised the often invaluable contribution made by candidates, whilst taking the opportunity to use the placement as means of self development and identifying future recruits.

We know from experience that the aftercare service offered to our partner employers and their new recruits, is often as crucial as the preparatory and job matching work we undertake.

Through our Government-funded contracts, we are committed to finding sustainable employment for our candidates. Indeed it is a measure of our success that e assist all of our candidates in achieving at least six months continuous employment – it is therefore not in our interests to place individuals into vacancies they do not wish to pursue.

Through regular contact with your dedicated Pathway Employer Engagement Officer, we can ensure that you and your new employee(s) are offered continuing advice and support for up to six months, assisting with any issues that may arise.

What’s more, we can help to provide your business with a comprehensive range of innovative work-based learning solutions to aid the continuing development of your workforce – encompassing anything from basic skills and e-courses through Learn Direct, to National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) and advanced apprenticeships at various levels.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty/Integrity

    We believe in being honest with the people we come in to contact with and treat every one fairly whether they are small or large clients. We believe it important to keep our promises and deliver on our commitments.

  • Customer Focused

    We put the customer at the heart of our business operations, planning and decision making. We aim to deliver a high quality service by putting the customer at the centre of our business and believe that this is the key to ensuring long term trading relationships.

  • Leadership

    We believe in being the best in our field and we know we can only achieve if we strive for excellence in all aspects of business and accept nothing less.

  • Passion

    Success does not come easily, it comes through hard work, dedication and passion. We are passionate about our business and are driven to excel in every aspect of our business.