9Aamirah left school at 16 and decided to work in her parent’s family business. Mullaco supermarkets had been established for over 25 years and she felt it was a good opportunity to get in to a career in management.

Mullaco Supermarket was approached by Pathway and given the opportunity to take on a customer service apprentice. They were advised of the benefits to the business; Customer Service is essential when aiming to provide the best possible experience and acting as a direct point of contact for customers.

Training and development was discussed where Management then asked whether their existing staff member Aamirah could take the opportunity to take the training. Pathway were pleased to advise that Aamirah met the criteria and the opportunity was available to her.

Aamirah was attended an interview with Pathway where she voiced her expectations of her job and areas where she required support. She felt she struggled with difficult customers and didn’t know how to delegate tasks effectively- as a result her confidence was lacking. After her initial assessment it was evident that Amiraah was a bright individual with a lot of potential, she was exempt from Functional skills given her previous GCSE results and with the support of her assessor she completed her Apprenticeship within 15 months.

Upon completion Aamirah went on holiday and returned to take on a Management Level 5 QCF which should be completed alongside her existing role as a supervisor in March 2016!

Her assessor Asif was well versed and flexible; he was able to work around Amiraahs shifts and offered her support throughout her programme.

Mullaco’s are very pleased with Aamirahs completion. They are aspired by her development and willingness to further enhance her understanding of effectively managing their business.