I had just finished School and didn’t know what to do. I had planned to go to college, but due to unforeseen circumstances I wouldn’t have been able to start until the following year. Instead of taking a gap year I was recommended to Pathway College who helped place me in the field I wished to work in.

I learnt essential basic customer service skills, which I would need throughout my career. My language improved vastly, as well as my manner with customers. I also learnt about the legal side of things, as in the employer/employee rights and responsibilities.

The apprenticeship was great; it helped me get into the world of work whilst at the same time studying.

As I found this course very beneficial and helpful, I have recommended a lot of people to Pathway College.

This apprenticeship helped me get a job at a pharmacy and I will remain working there alongside doing pharmacy specific training.

I would have taken a gap year and wandered around for a year, and then I would have started college and currently been a year behind.

I’ve got experience, which employers look for more than qualifications like A-Levels and Degrees, as well as helping me in my current job and moving forward it is a great asset to my CV.

The scheme pathway college has, is very good, it gets young people who find themselves stuck and don’t know which way to go so as to move forward, gets them into work, earning money as well as training alongside which gets them a qualification in the end, which then leads to a full time job. I think the scheme is very good and should be encouraged.