How to Improve your Job Prospects

Job roles are ever changing and sometimes it is hard to keep up.

It is not enough to just turn up for work without learning anything new if you want to improve your job prospects so here’s how.

Be Punctual

Being on-time will make you a valued employee and someone who your organisation will think is worth investing time, resources and training in. Also being punctual will mean that you don’t miss announcements and you know the way that the office works


Make sure that you receive as much training as possible in specialist areas meaning that you will build your skills. We can provide training for QCF/NVQ/Apprenticeships/Traineeship in a number of sectors. if you are interested please call Pathway Group on: 0121 707 0550 or e-mail:

Make Friends & Connections

Often the biggest deals aren’t made in the board room. They are made from personal connection with people. This also applies to jobs. If someone knows you are a hard worker they are more likely to put you forward for promotion or offer you a new job. They might even know someone who can help you out to get your dream job.

Keep ahead of where the market is going next

This can be achieved by reading trade journals, a simple Google search or talking to people in the business. It is important that you keep ahead of trends and make sure that you have the relevant training (even if you have to teach yourself or take online courses ). Doing this will make you a desirable employee because not only do you have the relevant skills, understanding and training but you also seem motivated too.

Do Voluntary Work

Voluntary work will give you new experiences and skills that you may never encounter in your day-to-day job. It will teach you more about people and society and help you to relate better to others as you will most likely be working in a team.

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