Free Recruitment Service For Businesses


Pathway are providers of a free recruitment service to West Midlands businesses as government funded supplier for the Work Programme.
We offer a recruitment services therefore that is completely free and will be targeted to your needs. We work closely with you to ensure we find the best candidates from our database of skilled, ready to work individuals.

From early on in the recruitment process we will work hard to get to know you, through to the successful recruitment of staff, and beyond to ensure the highest level of staff retention.

  • A free service
  • tailored  to your needs
  • Knowledge of the industry needs of each area we work in
  • We offer additional support and guidance services
  • A large data base of skilled and ready to work clients

We will not only recruit staff for you but will continue to work with you – the employer and your new employee in-work. We will where possible, provide advice, training and guidance to employers who may be encountering employment related difficulties.

We look to provide a workable solution that you can easily implement and maintain. The solution needs to be realistic and achievable and agreed by both parties as an ongoing part of the employee’s development. This support can last for up to 2 years.

  • You get training for the young person at no cost to your business.
  • You can request tailored training to make sure that your Apprentice has all the skills that they need to work in your specific sector/business.
  • You will find an employee who will be dedicated and loyal with a great future in front of them.

Apprenticeships are your chance to give back to the next generation! An Apprenticeship is a real job that can open doors to a bright new future and are challenging yet rewarding.  They are also the first step towards a long-term career, enabling progression and excellence in the industry of your choice.

  • Provide HR Support for Small Businesses who are new employers
  • Implementing performance monitoring tools
  • Attend regular meetings with employee (either in or out of work time)
  • Offer work place training and also possibly business coaching and consultancy

Our job, as a Work Programme provider is not to judge, impose our views or interfere into personal situations. It is simply to help, offer an impartial opinion and where possible  suggest possible solutions.

Our service is highly confidential and any information shared to us by either the employer or the employee will not be disclosed to either party unless it is necessary to do so and when prior permission has been given.

For more information or to access our Work Programme service please contact your local office through the following page .  Alternatively please send your vacancy to us here.