Partner With Us – Talk to us work programme & ESF supply chain


Thank you for your interest in working in partnership with us. We have culture of collaborating and open networking and welcome all approaches. We encourage open networking and collaborating particularly for in forming part of your work programme & ESF supply chain.

What we do

We are a leading training and employment services provider with a strong focus in the West Midlands area with national ambitions and with a growing base of operations in the East Midlands and the North West.

We are currently working as an end to end sub-contractor for Welfare to Work Prime Contractors on the Work Programme. We have considerable experience in working on sector route ways and response to redundancy programmes. We are currently placing significant young people every month into Apprenticeships across a number of sectors across England.

Our offer for partners

Pathway has developed its reputation through providing consistent and dependable performance and an innovative approach to all that we do. Our offer includes:

  • Expertise in designing and delivering bespoke employability and skills programmes which are individualised, employer-led and cost effective for our funders.
  • A continuous quality Improvement theme which ensures our delivery remains fully compliant and uses leading edge techniques.
  • A culture which promotes effective collaboration and co-operation between partners.
  • We believe we can add value to any partnership arrangement

Other new areas of opportunities sought:

We are generally seeking opportunities to focus on services where there is a high economic and social cost of failure; a prevalence of low quality delivery and where outcomes are not being met specifically we are looking at:

  • Exploring new opportunities that will allow us to take our skills and expertise into new sectors, including the Justice Sector and Payment by Results programmes.
  • An ambition to support young people aged 14 years and over in learning and employment.

Here’s what one of our College partners has said about us:

“90.43% of the students are from minority ethnic backgrounds and 90% are students who live in areas with ‘widening participation’ postcodes”

“Provision in the Health & Social Care, Customer Service, RVPD and Business Administration has been graded good for this partner”

“The delivery of numeracy and literacy within their integrated delivery is outstanding”

“Overall teaching is good, the OTL processes has been revised and improved to ensure continuous CPD is being conducted”

“Good retention rate – 91% LPD, 91% Customer Service”

“MCV will be achieved within a 2% variance”