Work Club

Work Club –  A Pathway Skills for Employment Training Programme

 Are you applying for jobs but getting no response to your CV, Covering Letter, or Application Form?

Your CV, Covering Letter, or Application Form is your sales brochure. How would you prefer to be seen by employers?

We know how difficult and competitive it can be seeking new employment.

Our specialist team can work with you to deliver a tailored training solution, designed to increase your chances of obtaining employment by achieving the qualifications required to up-skill or re-skill.

We aim to get you to the top of the pile with our Work Club – pre-employment training programme, which includes a variety of essential skills and knowledge that could help you get the job you want.

We work in partnership with employers and also as a diverse training provider we can help give you the skills needed to get back into employment.

Best of all, our Work Club programme is completely free and you’ll also get a recognised qualification which is a respected addition to your CV!

Our Work Club programme offers FREE* tuition to anyone who is unemployed and looking to get back to work also If you’ve been made redundant, have been out of work for a long period of time or need some new skills to get back in the job market, then we can help.
You can choose from a wide range of short courses all tailored to help you find employment and get on the right path to furthering your career.

The work club is totally free and will provide you with new skills and/or refresh existing skills to help get you back into work. The work clubs are a great opportunity to receive advice and guidance, work towards a career path, learn new skills, share your experience and encourage each other in your job search.

You’ll hear from Trainers and tutors and other professionals from areas of interest to the group, like…

  • Recruitment and Human Resource specialists
  • Functional skills advisers for literacy and numeracy
  • Employers – from the sector talking about what they are looking for when recruiting and also talking about the specific industry.

We will cover a range of skill areas, such as…

  • Job Search Skills
  • Preparation for interview
  • Interview techniques
  • Dress for success
  • Valuing customers and service
  • Skills assessments
  • Business IT applications and their use

Along the way you will also gain qualifications to boost your CV…

Here are some of the courses you can take to help you get back to work…

  • Work Skills (interview skills, job search skills, making choices and much more)
  • Investigating rights and responsibilities at work
  • Planning an enterprise activity
  • Introduction to personal development
  • Introduction to skills for employment
  • Health and safety awareness
  • Equality and Diversity Awareness

We have a considerable track record of getting individuals into work in a wide range of sectors and situations. We call these sector routeway programmes otherwise called pre-employment training programmes. We are renowned for our redundancy support called Better West Midlands and also our specialist training for the health and social care sector- this is branded as West Midlands Partnership and nationally as the Pathway Partnership programme. In addition to our care pre-employment training we also have devised a number of other programmes for individuals looking to work in a customer service, business administration, retail, security and cleaning and also the logistics sector. We believe we are one of the best organisations to get you in to employment- please call us on 0121 707 0550 and speak with Shaheed Ladak – Office Manager to register your interest or email