Working With Schools

Pathway Group working with Schools

The Connexions service is no longer offering any real service in many regions, and schools themselves are now often taking a lead role in the provision of careers advice or Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG).

Pathway Group have seen this as an opportunity to work with schools by training the school staff with the appropriate Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) qualifications so that they right level of expertise in-house.

In addition we are also supporting schools with our staff providing training in areas such as teaching and learning including specialist areas such as ‘Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching’ & ‘Learning in Schools Level 3’and also ‘Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools Level 2’.

Pathway Group is investing considerable resources in establishing & developing links with local schools to also promote Apprenticeships with final year pupils to ensure that its Apprenticeship reach can extend to as many young people as possible & wherever suitable.

Our Staff offer their services to local schools so that pupils & teaching staff alike have someone to turn to for professional guidance about what our Apprenticeships involve. Whether this is through attending careers evenings, holding group sessions, or helping with interview skills workshops, our advisers try to ensure that pupils are both informed & prepared should they choose an Apprenticeship as their path to future progression.

Our work with schools

Our work with schools is focused on the provision of clear and honest information to the pupils. Helping them decide where to turn after their school education comes to an end is a responsibility that a school has as part of their responsibilities to their pupils & other stakeholders. We hope to compliment this by making our Apprenticeship information available and accessible in consultation & in partnership with the schools.

Today’s pupils do face a number of challenges, but behind every challenge is an opportunity and an Apprenticeship is certainly one of them.

Clearly not all pupils will choose to find work or attain a qualification through an Apprenticeship, but for those that are keen to forge their own way in life & secure their first step on what is currently a crowded career ladder, work based learning can be an ideal solution.

Pathway Group is able to provide the initial information that allows a young person to decide for themselves whether an Apprenticeship is the right path for them.

For more information on our services to schools please contact Alan Hill: Head of Partnerships: or telephone: 0121 707 0550